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Webflow support - how you can get help with Webflow

Webflow support - how you can get help with Webflow

How to Get Help with Webflow

What should you do if your Webflow website has a problem?

You might be surprised, but Webflow doesn't have a live chat for help. They mostly help through emails.

If you think that's old-fashioned, you're not alone. But don't worry. There are other places to get help. Some groups online share free advice, tips, and discuss problems.

Webflow's Official Support

First, you might go to Webflow's help website: It's easy to use. You click on what problem you have. But in the end, they mostly show you FAQs, and lessons, or ask you to send an email.

Here's the thing: You can only get email replies if you pay for Webflow (either Core or Growth plan). They answer emails from Monday to Friday. It might take 1-2 days to get a reply. If your website stops working suddenly, this can feel slow.

What if you need help right away, like if your website breaks during a big event? Webflow gives extra help to people who pay for the Enterprise plan. They have a person just for you and you can even call them on weekdays from 6AM to 6PM PT. But, this plan might be too pricey for some people.

Checking Out Webflow Forum & University

If you like to learn and find help, you can visit the Webflow Forum and Webflow University.

Webflow Forum is active. Most times, people there can help or guide you. The forum talks about:

  • Sharing work and community news.
  • Website features like layouts, animations, and online stores.
  • Advanced stuff like coding and SEO.

If you think your problem is common, you can search for it on the forum.

Webflow University teaches about web design. They have a big course that's two hours long for beginners. They also teach about more advanced stuff and tools like Figma and Cinema 4D.

As you can see, Webflow University is more of a learning platform than a support option, but it provides so much valuable content that it would be strange if we didn’t mention that place in this article.

Help from Webflow Partners

Some people and companies, like Webnomads are in the Webflow Partners Program. They are usually very advanced in web development and the platform as well.

Being a Webflow partner allows us to use a special email to contact Webflow faster. We're also in a private Slack channel, where we have direct access to the Webflow team and other experienced developers. This group of experts can find solutions together. Thanks to being Webflow Partners, we were able to solve issues, that were impossible for regular users (sometimes this required access to Webflow team and internal data).

Remember this if you want to hire anyone to develop your site. Being in the Webflow Partners Program is really big advantage

Webflow special forces - unofficial Webflow support chat

If you couldn't find the answer in general guides, videos or communities, we also advise you to come and ask us at Webnomad’s Special Forces. Webflow does not offer live chat support, but Webnomads do. If you are a web designer or graphic designer who needs help with a request immediately, write to us via chat, share a video recording of the problem you’re facing. We'll get back to you with the solution.

What's also cool, this support is free.

Where Else to Look for Help?

There are many useful communities on Facebook, Discord or Twitter, you'll find some helpful people there. However, many Facebook groups, especially for freelancers, have members looking for clients, not just help.

Webflow has a YouTube channel with lots of useful videos and guides. They used to offer live support sessions, but not anymore. Still, keep an eye on their YouTube, as they might bring those sessions back.

In summary, while Webflow’s main support is best for paid users, and has its limits, many other experts online are eager to help Webflow users.

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